South Florida Construction Business for Sale

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South Florida Construction Business for Sale

South South Florida Construction Business / Business for Sale

South Florida Construction business for sale listings and expert representation to sell your Business - here at your disposal.

We represent construction business
in Southwest Florida, Miami/Dade, Ft Lauderdale, Tampa Bay - and all of Florida, with Jim Straza and Business Brokerage Solutions.

"Florida could be heading toward $1 trillion economy, forecast says" -- Sun Sentinel

South Florida is a growth economy and the construction industry plays a big role, as economic growth always drives the construction of new places of business and homes.

Jim Straza and Business Brokerage Solutions can help you find a Florida Construction business for sale in the part of Florida you prefer. Jim Straza is a tenured, and extremely experienced business broker, intermediary and business valuator.

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South Florida Construction Business - a great choice!

SW Florida Construction businessThe Construction Business is one of South Florida's top economic performers. 40,0000 new jobs were created in 2015 alone.

The South Florida construction business is growing so fast there is a shortage of skilled workers.

Outfits like I - 4 Ultimate and CareerSource Central Florida could be of great value in recruiting workers.

CareerSource Central Florida is part of a Florida network that offers federal dollars for Florida construction business and manufacturing work-force training,

Southwest FL Construction Businesses for Sale

10600 Chevrolet Way suite 206, Estero, FL 33928

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South Florida Construction Business For Sale

Business Brokerage Solutions, LLC 10600 Chevrolet Way suite 206 Estero, FL 33928
South Florida Construction Business for Sale - / Southwest FL, Tampa Bay, Miami and Ft Lauderdale.
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