Sell SW Florida Construction Business

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Sell SW Florida Construction Business

Sell SW Florida Construction Business

To sell a Florida construction business is an involved process that requires careful planning and industry savvy throughout the entire process.

Jim Straza has the specific experience in Southwest Florida, and all of Florida, construction business transfers of ownership

A professional valuation of your business is the logical first step to sell a Florida construction business. Undervaluing can rob you of years of value building, and overvaluing can cause a slow, or no-sale. Next, the marketing package used to present your Florida construction business will be crucial to the success of the sale. A comprehensive profile of the business will work wonders in a successful marketing of your business.

As a transaction broker, Jim Straza will complete the valuation of your business to identify the best price range and optimal terms for the sale. An accurate valuation will take into account several factors, including tax returns and financial statements:

As part of any Florida construction business valuation, Jim straza will determine whether or not the sale qualifies for financing through the Small Business Administration (SBA), based upon financial documentation. SBA financing can improve the likelihood of a successful sale and serve as an incentive to buyers.

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Sell SW Florida Construction Business:
- Professional Marketing Package

The marketing package for your listing will incorporate information from your business valuation and profile to create a compelling presentation to potential buyers.

Jim Straza employs both conventional and "new media" marketing techniques to provide the greatest exposure, for your business while maintaining confidentiality.

Sell SW Florida Construction Business:
- Pre-Qualified Business Buyers

All potential buyers for your business must be pre-qualified, a process which I conduct under an agreement of confidentiality.

The establishment of buyer qualifications will help to ensure that the requisite financial, professional and vocational terms are met in order for the sale of your business to be successful.

Sell SW Florida Construction Business:
- Expert Negotiations

Throughout the transaction, Jim straza will serve as the conduit for timely news and information regarding the sale between you and the buyer. I will also handle negotiations and the presentation of terms, conditions, offers and counter offers.

Sell SW Florida Construction Business:
- Successful Business Sale

As the sale is made, I will ensure that all of the necessary documentation is assembled and properly prepared to successfully close the deal.

Jim straza will be there to guide and support you and your company throughout the transition of ownership - even after the deal has closed.

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Southwest FL Construction Businesses for Sale

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South Florida Construction Business For Sale

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